Welcome to the Trimbrite Video Collection.

Click on any of the Trimbrite product links below to view its promotional/instructional video:

R65153/55/57/58/60/61 - Rebel Gear Printed Pinstripes

R65170/71 - Rebel Gear LG Barbwire Pinstripe

R65440 - Rebel Gear Ghost Flame Kit

R76009 - Tapered Dual Stripe Kit

R76015/16/17/18 - Rebel Gear Fender Rally Kits

R76019 - Rally Rocker Stripe Kit

T1310/12/14A - Rally Rocker Stripe Kit

T1852 - Carbon Fiber Stutter Stripe Kit

T9009 - Black Out Kit

T9020/21 - Body Guard

T9022 - Bumper Protector

T9026 - Door Cup Protection Film

Pinstripe Installation Basics