The New Trimbrite® 3D Emblems feature three distinct designs that consumers can use to stylize the appearance of their vehicle.

  • Highly detailed 3D emblem designs
  • Durable adhesive sticks to any OEM paint, glass, or many metal surfaces
  • Fits any make or model
  • Easy to install


The T1935 Skully Logo features a stylized chrome skull within a black spade design.   


The T1936 Family Herd can be used like popular stick-figure decals to denote members of a family that loves the outdoors.  

The T1937 American Bully adds a patriotic theme to man's best friend.  



T1935      Skully Logo - 3D Emblem

T1936      Family Herd - Domed Emblems

T1937      American Bully - 3D Emblem